CDM Health & Safety

The environment of health & safety is relished by some and feared by others. Of prime importance is the safety of each and every person involved in your project – at any stage.
In view of the importance of this there are many Regulatory steps, checks and compliance stages that a self-builder must comply with – together with many procedures and schedules to ensure each stage is correctly monitored and reported to the authorities.

We are able to provide guidance and clarity on those steps to ensure you, the client, will be able to set up packages to cover your specific project needs.

There are plenty of specialist resources to assist with these processes and many are actually part of a project manager team. From our extensive knowledge and wide experience with clients and project managers we can put you in touch with the most suitable CDM and H&S specialist for your location and project type.

To ensure a successful project obviously requires excellence with the kit and trades, but in all cases that must be combined with a safe and efficient operating environment.