Energy Services

In a world of increasing energy costs – as well as a bewildering range of solutions for provision of space-heating and ventilation – there is a need for expert advice and guidance to the self-builder to arrive at the most efficient and suitable set of kit for the project lifestyle and purpose.

As individuals we would all like minimum intervention by systems and controls combined with maximum effortless comfort at all times of year and weather conditions. To achieve this at the lowest capital cost and minimum running cost – for the life of the building – is a complex task.

Usually the start is an energy assessment resulting in a SAP calculation (Standard Assessment Procedure) which takes analysis parameters for the building’s design and external wall/roof materials to arrive at a target and design heat-loss equations. And from this data the decisions about heating systems – size, location and complexity – can be made and checked against the theoretical model.

Clearly the adoption of a timberframe or SIP superstructure – which is always ahead of Building Regulation requirements for thermal performance – will minimise heating system capacity considerations.

There is a charge to undertake these reviews and analyses but we believe the opportunity to efficiently package this together with timberframe or SIPs specialist superstructures will provide the best cost-vs-reward balance.