WB Timber Innovations works closely with our groundworks partner to offer:

  • ‘One-stop-shop’ – foundations and insulated superstructure package.
  • Tailored to your requirements and specification
  • Single point of contact for all your engineering requirements.
  • Peace of mind – Co-ordinated design and install
  • Your building will be handed over to you ready for ‘follow on trades’
Site clearance / demolition

Our team will clear the land of existing vegetation/trees and buildings ready for groundworks

Foundations and ground floor slab (or beam & block)

Our engineers and design team will work together to produce the most cost-effective foundation design

Concrete upstand to DPC – ready for timber frame / SIPS package

Our site team will coordinate the interface between the groundworks package and the superstructure seamlessly

Service ducts and drainage

A full design of all associated services and drainage will be agreed to facilitate the necessary service connections

Access roads preparation

Base layers will be installed to allow ingress and egress to site for all trades, ready for hard & soft landscaping (by others)

Crane pad

As required, a crane base will be installed and CBR tested ready for the timber frame / SIPS install package.